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Virgil Johnson

Teaching men self-mastery to increase their income, improve their relationships and boost their health.


My strength is my ability to leverage my knowledge and experience to provide practical solutions for men while overcoming potential excuses.

I teach a five-step solution that shows how to achieve self-mastery. This system is meant to assist men with increasing their income, improving their relationships, and boosting their mental and physical health.

What is self-mastery? The alignment of your vision/goals with your actions while having control over your emotions. My system walks men through creating a vision for their lives, starting with self-accountability and then self-discovery. Next, I use self-study, and self-love, to help men best understand their natural actions. Finally, I show men how to put the info together in a self-summary which is the last piece needed to achieve self-mastery.


About Virgil

Virgil is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and gifted speaker. He started his career in education with a focus on at-risk young adults. As a result of years in entrepreneurship, he discovered that men are desiring to financially support their families, have better communication with their spouses, as well as improve their mental and physical health.


Combined with his experience and desire to help, he took to the stage intending to reach as many men as possible in the realm of overcoming anxiety and hopelessness. Today, his talks will assist men with achieving self-mastery which will lead to an increase in income, improved relationships, and better overall health. Virgil is a highly sought-after speaker, businessman, and consultant. His entrepreneurship has inspired his speaking business.


Virgil has helped men to overcome anxiety and hopelessness. If you are looking for someone to transform your men and help with creating a vision Virgil is the answer for your next event

Virgil Johnson
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Virgil's Talks

Increase Income, Improve Relationships, And Boost Health Through Self-Mastery.

Every man dreams of creating a secure and cozy haven for his partner and children. He imagines showering his partner with extravagant gifts and ensuring his children receive the best education. Yet, as they say, reality can sometimes overshadow these aspirations.


This presentation provides men with a powerful toolkit, enabling them to break free from the despairing cycle they find themselves in. It empowers them to conquer their anxieties and embrace a life filled with purpose and contentment.


Harmonizing The Workplace:
Strategies For In Office Peak Performance and Harmony

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In this enlightening talk, we delve into the intersection of mental health, stress reduction, and a positive work environment by exploring the powerful synergy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and the DiSC personality assessment model.  By understanding and integrating these concepts, employees and employers alike can promote mental well-being, alleviate stress, and foster a healthier work environment  where everyone thrives.


Key Takeaways 

-Learn practical CBT techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns effectively.

-Gain practical tips for integrating CBT-based stress reduction techniques and DiSC communication strategies into everyday work practices.

-Learn strategies for fostering effective communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills


"We were so blessed to have Mr. Johnson, the founder of The Infrastructure of a Man, be a part of our program. He also had the opportunity to do a workshop during the Manly Manners event where he taught the young men a set of skills they could use as soon as they left the workshop. We got so many testimonies from the moms afterward. If you have a group or organization, or if you're thinking about having a group of men, young men, and boys, and you need someone to come out to help lead, to help guide and inspire your audience, Mr. Johnson is the person to call."

Ms. Carol
founder and director of the Elite School of Etiquette


Tyvon Alexander

Before your consulting I had trouble with my beliefs and personal life, not truly knowing which direction I should take, your professionalism and wisdom have helped me through my trying times. Thank you, Virgil!!

Stephen Moore

Virgil had helped me with "finding myself", as a man, father, husband, make-time model, etc. He guided me to a specific personality test, a love language test that ultimately helped me heal from a divorce and move forward. I am also remarried to a fantastic spouse that truly knows me because I now know myself.

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