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Virgil Johnson

I help high school students overcome stress and anxiety by using their strengths to achieve personal success.

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My strength is my ability to leverage my knowledge and experience to help students discover their strengths so they can create for themselves, a successful life after school.

Virgil teaches a three-pillar system that shows students how to achieve personal success. these pillars are meant to assist students with self-discovery, alignment, and creating a roadmap to achieve their personal goals.

for over 10 years virgil has been working with students to help them prepare for life after high school. What makes Virgil successful with students today, is his reliability. He was once that student who was graduating from high school but was afraid of what was next because he didn't have self-awareness, someone to show him how to succeed after high school, or a roadmap to be successful. But after gaining the right tools, systems, and mentors he was able to create a unique path that allowed him to live out the life that he always wanted.


Virgil's message will challenge your students to look at their upcoming life from  a realistic view and motivate them to live a focused, intentional life at its highest level while operating in their greatest strengths, gifts, and tlents.

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About Virgil

Virgil is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and gifted speaker. He started his career in education with a focus on at-risk young adults. As a result of working with students for years, he discovered that students desire a way to understand who they are naturally and live a life of purpose and passion by living out their greatest virtues while earning a livable income.


Combined with his experience and desire to help, he took to the stage to reach as many students as possible in self-discovery, alignment, and personal development planning. Today, his talks will assist students with achieving self-discovery which will lead to aligning with opportunities that allow them to excel in life, create relationships that cultivate growth, and live a life that allows them to be fulfilled without sacrificing their income. Virgil is a highly sought-after speaker, businessman, and consultant. His entrepreneurship and background in education have inspired his speaking business.


Virgil has helped students discover their natural strengths and skills to live a life of meaning and direction. If you need someone to transform your students and help prepare them for their future. Virgil is the answer for your next event.

Virgil Johnson
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Virgil's Talks

The Three Reasons High School Juniors and Seniors Struggle In Transitioning To Post Secondary Education And How To Fix It.

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In this life-changing talk, Virgil delves into the three critical challenges high school seniors face as they transition to post-secondary education: lack of self-awareness, alignment, and a clear vision. Through engaging narratives and evidence-based strategies, we will unravel these complexities and provide actionable solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Students will learn how to discover their natural strengths, talents, and gifts in setting the stage for academic and personal growth.

  • Strategic Alignment: We’ll explore how aligning personal strengths, talents, and gifts with educational goals creates a seamless transition into higher education.

  • Visionary Roadmapping: Attendees will be equipped with the tools to develop a robust plan for their future, turning aspirations into actionable steps.


  • Interactive exercises to foster self-discovery.

  • Frameworks for aligning individual passions with career pathways.

  • Step-by-step guidance on creating a personalized educational roadmap.

Practical Tip: Students will leave with the ability to reverse engineer any goal – a simple yet powerful tool to immediately visualize their goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Beyond Degrees:
Navigating Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery,
And Career Alignment For College Men

In this insightful speech, college men will explore the world beyond degrees, delving into the realms of self-discovery and self-mastery.


Attendees will gain valuable insights into their unique strengths, enabling them to choose degree paths that resonate with their innate abilities. With a focus on aligning academic pursuits with future careers, this speech offers practical guidance and inspiration. 

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"We were so blessed to have Mr. Johnson, the founder of The Infrastructure of a Man, be a part of our program. He also had the opportunity to do a workshop during the Manly Manners event where he taught the young men a set of skills they could use as soon as they left the workshop. We got so many testimonies from the moms afterward. If you have a group or organization, or if you're thinking about having a group of men, young men, and boys, and you need someone to come out to help lead, to help guide and inspire your audience, Mr. Johnson is the person to call."

Ms. Carol
founder and director of the Elite School of Etiquette

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